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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sharon Brenner

Sharon Brenner

Senior Attorney, Accel Visa Attorneys

Sharon Brenner has worked in various sectors of immigration law since 2004. She is well-versed in visa matters for artists and creatives and has spoken on the topic at events including SXSW, Sonar+D, SF Music Tech, Nova Scotia Music Week, c/o pop among others. Her clientele in this area have included renowned musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, chefs, graphic designers, photographers and many more.

Sharon also represents clients in business-related immigration matters and has spoken about U.S. immigration options for startups and entrepreneurs. Her work includes naturalization and family-based immigration matters. Sharon previously provided domestic and international refugee-based assistance at the IRC and at local immigrant advocacy organizations in New York City.

Sharon is a member of the California Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She received her J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law. She holds B.A. degrees in African History and International Relations from the University of California, Davis, and studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and New York University’s program in Paris, France.

Barriers of Entry: International Artists and the U.S. Artist Visa Process

10/13/23, 2:00 PM

The legal hurdles that visas create often make us think twice about working with foreign acts, whether you're a label that aims to sign an international artist, or an agent or venue that wants to book one. At this panel immigration attorney Will Spitz will lead a discussion addressing the "ins and outs" of the U.S. artist visa process. We'll walk you through the process from the first consideration of a tour, through arriving on U.S. soil, providing invaluable tips and strategies for getting your artist into the U.S. affordably and with a minimum of hassle.

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