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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Stefan Heinrich

Stefan Heinrich

Co-Founder & CEO, MAYK/

MAYK INC is an LA-HQ UGC Music and AI voice tech company on a mission to help the world sing. We believe that song creation should be as universally accessible as creating videos and photos regardless of a user’s creative or technical skill level. Besides its consumer products like the UGC-song-generator and distro app, voice-ai tool, AI-assisted-song tool and remix tool pichy, MAYK creates and offers a powerful sound, music and voice audio engine to support other partners interested in giving more people a voice, creating their own sound and bringing music creation as a creative outlet to anyone. Companies can also get access to its unique social music catalog. MAYK is a TikTok/Snap/Google alumni company. Stefan was the former CMO of Cameo and TikTok after launching YouTube Premium during his time at Google.

The Artist as API: The Next Level of Fan Engagement

10/11/23, 7:00 PM

Outside of using AI in their own productions, some artists are offering fans AI models of their sound, likeness, and voice. Is this the future of fan engagement, brand building, and collaboration at scale?

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