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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Susan Moultrie

Susan Moultrie

SVP Artist Initiatives & Business Administration, Sony Music Entertainment

Susan Moultrie is Senior Vice President of Artist Initiatives and Business Administration at Sony Music Entertainment (SME). Based in New York, she oversees SME’s transparency and artist support activities around the world, including the company’s Artists Forward initiative, which prioritizes comprehensive support for music creators in all aspects of their career development. As part of these efforts, she administers Sony Music’s Artist Assistance program, providing global on-roster talent with access to valuable career information as well as wellness offerings such as free, confidential counseling services in over 70 languages. In addition, Susan is involved with joint venture label activity, new business development support and business administration matters. An experienced executive who has spent nearly two decades in the music business, she rejoined Sony Music in 2021 after previously serving as a leader in various A&R administration, finance and operations roles for SME between 1991 and 2008. She also has extensive entertainment business experience, previously serving as COO of Tyra Banks’ Bankable Enterprises and CFO of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, among other leadership roles.

Mental Health in the Music Industry

10/12/23, 9:30 PM

This fireside chat will bring together an artist and experts in the fields of mental health and music to explore industry-wide challenges, coming together to formulate solutions. We'll deep dive into some of the most common mental health issues faced by artists and the broader music industry including the prevalent substance abuse culture; high rates of depression and anxiety; and the toll touring takes on physical and mental health. The panel will explore the causes behind these issues and present a variety of solutions that artists, managers and the industry at large can implement to better care for the mental health of themselves and those around them. Finally, the panel will provide concrete resources the audience can tap into both nationally and NYC-based.

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