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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Tara Finegan

Tara Finegan

Chief Operating Officer, Cutting Edge Group

Tara Finegan is Chief Operating Officer of Cutting Edge Group, the Grammy-award winning music financier, record label, publisher and services provider for film, television, advertising, and games. In 2008, CEG launched the first ever-private equity fund focused solely on financing the music associated with feature films and television programs in exchange for the associated music copyrights. CEG has worked with the most significant media music composers in the world and has been involved with over 2000 feature films, television shows and video games to date, which have regularly featured in the Academy, Emmy and Grammy Awards, garnering 76 wins and 201 nominations. CEG’s divisions include Lakeshore Records (Record Label), Cutting Edge Music Publishing (Specialized Publisher), Music.Film (Music Licensing Platform), White Stork (Custom Music), Broadway Records (Musical Theater Label), Conduct (Asset Management) and CEG Analytics (Royalty Tracking & Analysis).

CLE: Catalog Deals 2022: Evolving Models and Shifting Markets

10/14/22, 5:00 PM

As more catalog acquisitions occur, the marketplace is becoming more sophisticated. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware of previously unknown risks and inefficiencies, which are now being reflected in these transactions. In addition, the changing economic climate is simultaneously attracting new buyers while affecting pricing as a result of changing interest rates, exchange rates, royalty rates, and more. This panel will discuss many of these issue in depth form the perspective of experienced principals, attorneys and advisors. (Mondo attendees are welcome to attend all CLE panels.)

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