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Toby M.J. Butterfield

Toby M.J. Butterfield

Partner, Moses & Singer

IP litigator Toby M.J. Butterfield is a partner in Moses & Singer and has decades of experience litigating and counseling on copyright, trademark and defamation matters. He is the lawyer major media companies, theater producers, big brands, technology companies and luxury goods designers call to protect their properties and keep their revenue streams safe.

A sought-after speaker, Butterfield lectures at bar and industry events and law schools, including legal and television conferences all over the world. He taught Media and Entertainment Law at Cardozo Law School, and is the permanent lecturer at Columbia Law School on social media law. He has written for the New York State Bar Association, the Copyright Society of the USA, ABA's Landslide magazine, and the Media Law Resource Center on fair use, copyright termination, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other hot topics.

Butterfield has held various leadership roles with the Media Law Resource Center, the New York City Bar Association and WNYC Radio's Community Advisory Board. He also was an active participant in the New York State Supreme Court Screening Panel for Democratic Party judicial candidates in New York County.

An industry expert, Butterfield is often quoted by the BBC World News, Forbes TV, the New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, Law360 and many other news and legal publications.

CLE: High Anxiety: The New Law and Practice of Musical Composition Copyright Litigation

10/16/20, 6:00 PM

New music copyright infringement cases increase almost daily. Now that vast catalogs of music are constantly available for listening and musicological analysis worldwide, the Ninth Circuit has discarded the “inverse ratio” rule as outdated. But how will the law continue to evolve, and how will musicians go about proving cases of plagiarism? We’ll hear from established litigators and clients, as well as technologists and musicologists in high profile music cases.

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