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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Tom DeGeorge

Tom DeGeorge

Co-owner/President, Crowbar

Tom DeGeorge, 25 years in the concert industry. GM of Masquerade Atlanta from 1998-2001, then Masquerade Tampa 2001-2006. Opened Crowbar in 2006. Joined NIVA in April 2020. FL NIVA Captain from 2020-2021. Started Safe & Sound Program with six other members and grew it to over 1000 members. Was officially endorsed by Tampa and Hillsborough county. Basically venues/artists agreeing to adhere to CDC guidelines in a state without restrictions. Current SE NIVA President.

NYC Nightlife United x Mondo with VibeLab: Elevating Nightlife's Cultural Status Through Community Engagement

10/15/21, 4:00 PM

With the Nightlife industry deemed not essential during the pandemic, we will explore best practices with colleagues nationwide on how to collaborate with your neighborhood to ensure reciprocal support with local residents.

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