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Tomas Ericsson

Tomas Ericsson


Tomas was appointed CEO of AMRA in 2013 with a vision to establish a global digital platform society. Tomas has since then led AMRA to become an established digital society with direct digital licensing deals in over 212 territories. Tomas brings over 25 years of combined music industry, finance, and professional services roles within the computer, telecom, and entertainment industry. Tomas previously held positions at STIM as CFO, MD of ICE (International Copyright Enterprise, a joint venture between STIM and PRS) between 2006-2009. Tomas returned to STIM as Executive Director of Media and International Markets in 2009, and in 2010 Tomas was appointed Deputy CEO of STIM. Prior to AMRA, Tomas was President, Society Relations at Kobalt Music Group in New York. Other prior roles include MD at Universal Pictures in Scandinavia, Finance Director for Dell Computers in the Netherlands and Denmark, and VP Finance for Skandia America in New York.

Global Digital Streaming Continues its Meteoric Rise: Will Creators Get their Rightful Piece of the Pie?

10/13/23, 4:00 PM

As music continues its breakneck speed to penetrate every corner of the globe with more digital streaming providers connecting more artists into new territories and gross music revenues skyrocketing, how will songwriters and artists get their fair share? Which genres are set to grow in the future when every country on earth can access digital music? And what are the blockers that are stopping us from this undeniable future? Join this conversation with AMRA CEO, Tomas Ericcson and Billboard's Elizabeth Dilts Marshall as they explore a behind-the-scenes view of today and tomorrow's music business ecosystem and mechanics.

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