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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Tunde Balogun

Tunde Balogun

President, LVRN

As President of LVRN, Tunde Balogun oversees one of the most successful and progressive Black-owned companies in the music business. The Atlanta-based company is known throughout the industry as forward-thinking, with an intensely thoughtful process and a fierce determination to build a community around its artists and employees. LVRN is home to such artists as Summer Walker, 6lack and many others.

Financial Clarity: Building an Artist-Centric Music Industry

10/15/20, 8:00 PM

This panel will focus on the challenges artists of all levels face when trying to get a handle on their financial picture. There is a total lack of financial tools and infrastructure for artists and. with the pandemic, the river of nickels coming in from a variety of revenue sources is more important than ever to have a grasp on. These experts know firsthand what the challenges that artists and their teams face when it comes to building true independence in the music industry and they have quite a few ideas on how to solve them.

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