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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Turo Pekari

Turo Pekari

Innovation and Business Development Executive, Music Finland

Turo Pekari is a music innovation specialist, export professional, researcher, advisor, ecosystem and community-builder based in Helsinki, Finland. Currently Turo leads international operations, innovation and insights at Music Finland. For years, Turo has worked in the forefront of music innovation by running Nordic innovation labs developing future concepts for rights tech, as well as leading innovation, data strategy and foresight work at Teosto. Turo is also the co-founder of #NextStageChallenge, a pan-European music innovation initiative, acting in expert roles for European Commission and the Finnish Government for copyright infrastructure development work, European innovation ambassador of CreativeSHIFT, and working as a mentor and advisor in various international startup and music business accelerator programs.

Mondo Zoom Conversation: Mondo & CMW Co-Host Be Present Everywhere: Introductions & Connections

5/18/21, 9:00 PM

Join our global town hall as Mondo -- in partnership with Canadian Music Week and LyricFind -- introduces you to the global community of music conferences, trade missions, partners, consultants, organizers and creatives. The panel series, hosted by Robert Singerman, debuted on a Mondo zoom over a year ago at the start of the pandemic and has since brought hundreds of international colleagues and thousands of new friends together to speak at virtual conferences from NYC and Toronto to Kenya, Rio & LA, with other virtual forays to & from dozens of cities and countries spanning the globe to Be Present Everywhere (while staying home). Meet these global specialists w/o the flights, hotels, per-diems, carbon, $$ and family costs. Many thousands of new music community connections have already been made and many more will be made here, through active chats, shared contacts, new business introductions, collaborations and experiential education. It's a lot of fun for all, like a great Mondo/CMW/LyricFind conference party. Thanks much to the amazing speakers joining and all participants.

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