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Joel C. High

Joel C. High

President, Guild of Music Supervisors

Joel C. High is a music supervisor and producer who has worked on over 150 films, television projects and video games, and is also chief executive for a supervision, production and events company he co-founded in 2006. Over the last two decades he created and supervised the music departments for two of the leading independent studios in the industry: Trimark Pictures and Lionsgate Entertainment. Joel has served as co-producer on several music-intensive films including three with Mario Van Peebles. In addition to his acclaimed supervision work in motion pictures, television and video games, working with directors such as Tyler Perry, Marc Forster, Peter Bogdanovich, Don Roos, Roger Avary, James Foley, Bill Paxton, Billy Ray, Mario Van Peebles, Duane Adler and Rob Zombie, Joel is a eight-time nominee as Outstanding Music Supervisor of the Year, most recently winning for the film “Of Mind And Music” and the Warren G documentary “G Funk.” He is a founder, board member and current President of the Guild of Music Supervisors, and has previously served on the board for the California Copyright Conference. Joel is currently the principal executive at creative control Entertainment, a multi-faceted music supervision, consultation, live event and production company with offices in Los Angeles and New Orleans, and diverse clients ranging from independent studios and national brands to international governments.

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