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John Telfer

John Telfer

Chairman, Rocking Gorillas

I am a music publisher based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I began my independent life in London with my first publishing and management company, Basement Music. We managed Joe Jackson, Everything but the Girl, and Hal Willner. I moved to New York and continued managing with original successful artists like The Proclaimers, David Bowie, Television, Tom Verlaine and Sweet Honey in the Rock.

I took a sabbatical and backpacked through Africa for over six months.

When I returned, the innovative record label Rykodisc asked me to be Head of International with a brief of creating licensees and distributors around the world.

After 5 years, I followed my heart and moved to Sao Paulo and began Basement Brazil, another publishing company. We grew rapidly and after a few years BMG bought my company and I became Managing Director of BMG Brazil. I lasted a few months before realizing I am too independent a spirit. So I started Rocking Gorillas with two women as my partners.

In my career, I have worked in labels and publishing, promoted concerts, booked concerts, tour and production managed as well as managing.

As Rocking Gorillas we operate with a global network of independent publishers. We can collect in the rest of Latin America. We work with management companies, smaller publishers and labels to administer their catalogues. We believe that indies should help each other.

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