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Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young

Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young

CEO & Founder, Hooky

Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, is a Toronto-born, Grammy-winning producer, mixer and songwriter. He’s the founder and CEO of Hooky, an AI-powered music startup that puts artists in the front seat and in control of who uses their voice to create the next generation of hits, legally. An innovator at the forefront of music technology, Young’s mission is to help artists free their voice and unlock creative possibilities that were once unimaginable.

“I do believe we’re entering one of the most inspiring eras to create music and connect with fans on a deeper level, and Hooky is going to elevate the culture of music and how it’s made,” he says.

An esteemed music creator, Young has worked on multiple Grammy-nominated and -winning projects. He’s contributed to over 60 gold or platinum albums/singles, as well as three Diamond records, selling over 130 million albums/singles as a mixer and producer in America and over 200 million worldwide. Moreover, his work with superstar artists – such as The Chainsmokers, Beyoncé, JAY Z, Rihanna, Coldplay, Dia Lipa, Cardi B, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Lil Nas X, BTS and more – has left an imprint on pop culture around the world. Young resides in Los Angeles, where he continues to build Hooky and his creative body of work in the music industry.

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