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Joshua Klein

Joshua Klein

Managing Partner, TKG Business Management

Joshua Klein is Managing Partner, TKG Business Management LLC. TKG is a full service family office firm specializing in providing business and wealth management services to high net worth individuals, athletes, and entertainers.

Joshua started his career in business management working as an intern for Assante Wealth Management while he was attending Indiana University, where he later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the Kelly School of Business. Immediately after graduating, he moved to New York to begin work for Assante’s new successor Loring Ward.

At Loring Ward, Joshua learned the business from the ground up, beginning as an account executive handling some of music and sport’s top performers. Interacting with all aspects of the business, Joshua spent the majority of his time working on accounting for music touring, record labels, publishing and multi-state taxation for athletes.

After working at Loring Ward for two years, Joshua joined Guggenheim Partners, LLC where he took on a new role as an Account Manager handling clients directly and managing a staff of eight. In 2009, Joshua decided to leave Guggenheim and form Monarch with two other partners. Josh was at Monarch from 2009-2020. In 2020, Joshua left Monarch and formed TKG Business Management.

At Monarch, he became a nationally recognized leader in the area of business management with an emphasis on business management for CEOs, athletes, musicians, artist managers and music producers.

In his spare time, he is actively involved the community organizations such as National Meningitis Foundation as well as the Alzheimer’s Association. He currently sits on the advisory board of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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