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Keith Shocklee

Keith Shocklee


Keith Shocklee, aka Wizard K-Jee, is a famous music producer and DJ. Rolling Stone Magazine named Shocklee “one of the greatest producers in hip-hop” for the albums "It Takes A Nation Of MillionsTo Hold Us Back” and "Fear Of A Black Planet" with Public Enemy. As original member of The Bomb Squad, Keith co-produced “Welcome to the Terrordome” and “Fight The Power” the latter earning a spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

Though notorious for his role in The Bomb Squad, Keith Shocklee’s musical scope is not limited to hip hop, but encompasses disco, house, soul, classic, R&B, dance and more.

He since produced recording artists that cross many genres including LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Sinead O' Connor amongst others. In April 2013, Keith was inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Smithsonian alongside childhood friends, Chuck D and Flavor Flav. The music he helped make addressed social injustices and stirred controversy, while the fans called them "heroes" and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame deemed them "stars." Keith Shocklee's music has impacted society and made a significant contribution to the industry, his community, DJ culture as we know it and the world. Keith remains highly respected in DJ culture, booking gigs locally and internationally in various genres.

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