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Kelly Drake

Kelly Drake

Program Director, WNYU

When Kelly stumbled upon a studio tucked away in the basement of a dorm building her freshman year of college, she couldn't have imagined the things she would go on to create in that space. WNYU is the student-run independent radio station at New York University, and it has a long history of being a space where new music is discovered. Kelly got involved at WNYU in the news department, producing podcasts and writing news stories, but the more time she spent there the more she learned about the alternative music scenes her friends and colleagues were immersed in. Over the past year as Program Director, Kelly has been working to continue the station's tradition of bringing underrepresented voices and artists to the front of WNYU's programming. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down all on-campus spaces, Kelly lead the station into its new and current system of broadcasting remotely. Going forward, her goal is to make sure that even with DJs scattered all around the world, she continues to support her team in their discovery of new music and the promotion of truly alternative content.

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