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Ken Umezaki

Ken Umezaki

Co-founder & CEO, Verifi Media

Ken Umezaki is Co-Founder and CEO of Verifi Media, a media technology services company that empowers media creators to secure their rights within their creations and synchronize all updates and changes efficiently across the digital value chain, all at the speed of digital. In this role, Ken oversees all operations at Verifi, building a platform that enables artists and their teams to quickly and easily store, locate, correct and share verified media metadata, ownership information and underlying asset files with all stakeholders, including labels, publishers, distributors, DSPs, PROs and CMOs. This ensures all parties always have the most up-to-date media data, key to powering innovation while enabling creators
to be paid properly for their work.

Prior to Verifi, Ken spent over 20 years in the financial industry, leading him to found Digital Daruma in 2009, an investment firm specializing in digital music startups and developing-artist investing. He is also a serial entrepreneur, founding three new companies in the last decade, including Verifi.

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