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Naomi Asher

Naomi Asher

Vice President, International Neighbouring Rights, Sony Music Publishing

Naomi Asher is Vice President of International Neighboring Rights at Sony Music Publishing. Sony Music Publishing Neighboring Rights specializes in a bespoke collections service for performers and rights holders. We focus on ensuring maximization of global Neighboring Rights income for all of our clients by maintaining excellent relationships with societies all over the world and doing as much investigative data analysis as possible. Naomi previously co-founded Wixen Music UK Ltd, serving as Director and President from 2010 to January 2020. She co-founded IAFAR (Independent Alliance for Artists Rights) in 2018, after being frustrated by the lack of transparency in the Neighboring Rights income stream. She is president and chair of both IAFAR and IAFAR Education. She is co-author of the UK edition of The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing. In addition, she has also published the novels, Shakespeare’s Ripper and By Page. As a publisher, she has served on many PRS committees. Her focus firmly in the Neighboring Rights world, she has been a panelist for many NR education events, webinars and workshops. She also acts as an Ambassador for the F-List (the first female focused music database).

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