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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Nicole Blonder

Nicole Blonder

Co-Founder, Equilibrium

Nicole Blonder is a 20+ year music industry veteran in label/project management and marketing (Mute, Desert Daze, Black Box, Our Silent Canvas). Over many years, Nicole worked closely with artists like M83, Moby, Goldfrapp, Fever Ray, Erasure and more, living through many of the physical and mental health pitfalls related to having a career in this industry. Living with an autoimmune disease led her to discover the role of a health coach in healing chronic illness. Inspired to become certified as health coach herself, she has combined this with her passions for music to co-found Equilibrium, an organization creating wellness in the music industry. She is a strong advocate for making a career in the music industry more sustainable, improving quality of life and longevity for all involved. Nicole continues to work as an artist, label and marketing consultant, guided by holistic principles.

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