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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair

CEO & Co-Founder, beatBread

Peter Sinclair is a growth focused entrepreneur who co-founded beatBread in 2020 to empower artists to advance their careers without giving up control of their music or creative decision making. He previously led e-commerce at Universal Music Group and led various functions and business units at venture-backed entertainment, e-commerce financial services companies including, GreenDot and Provide Commerce.

CLE 2023: Fractional Music Interests: Opportunities and Challenges

Friday, October 13, 2023

An increasing number of companies are offering sales of fractional music rights, or micro-slices of rights in a composition or recording. These offerings are designed to provide liquidity to creators while simultaneously allowing fans to participate in real ownership of an artist’s work. However, these offering also come with complex legal challenges under both securities law and copyright law. This panel will discuss these legal issues, and how some of the companies in this space are addressing them.

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