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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Phil Harrington

Phil Harrington

CEO youbloom

Phil Harrington is from Dublin, Ireland. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1996. He is the Founder/CEO of youbloom . Originally qualified as a doctor, he became interested in complementary medicines, which led him among other things to music therapy and sound healing and in turn, creating his own music and his involvement with the music industry. He also founded and is CEO of the charity Human Health Project which promotes peer-to-peer healthcare.

Originally conceived as an artist cooperative with over a hundred founding shareholders, youbloom’s vision is to make live music more accessible and better for all. It delivers curated, emerging and independent artist/band, live music experiences in partnership with local promoters in a growing number of cities around the world, fostered by technology that increases the connectedness of fans, artists, hosts and promoters. youbloom also hosts two annual showcase music festivals/conferences in LA and Dublin.

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