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Rida Naser

Rida Naser

Program Director, SiriusXM

Rida Naser, a native New Yorker, has always been driven by creativity. Building on her experience of creating her college's radio station from the ground up, Rida then learned the day-to-day operations of radio events at 92.3 NOW/CBS Radio in New York City. She was hired as an intern at SiriusXM and built that opportunity into her current role as a Program Director for dance juggernaut BPM and Pop2K, which plays the top hits from the early 2000s.

Using her radio knowledge and programming instincts, Rida has created well-respected and exciting original programming, such as BPM’s Virtual DisDance Festival and BPM Empowered, the first-ever festival for women who DJ. Although she’s had so many accomplishments in such a short time, if you ask Rida, she'll tell you that there are still mountains to climb and big goals she wants to achieve in the music world.

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