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Sami Posner

Sami Posner

Music Supervisor

Sami Posner is an executive and music supervisor at creative control Entertainment, a multi-faceted music supervision, consultation, live event, and production company with offices in Los Angeles and New Orleans. creative control has a roster of diverse clients ranging from independent studios and national brands to international governments. They have supervised films for Lionsgate, Netflix, Hallmark, Lifetime, Paramount, Nickelodeon and Sony Pictures. creative control has consulted with major studios and labels as well as leading videogaming companies, Electronic Arts and Annapurna Interactive on several global game titles. creative control forms the music department for Tyler Perry Studios and supervises all TV series as well as all films produced over the last 15 years.

Over the last several years, since Sami joined creative control as a music supervisor, she has worked on over 50projects and has been lead music supervisor on Amp House, Holiday in Santa Fe, and Feliz Navidad. In addition to her supervision work, Sami is The Guild of Music Supervisor’s Committee Manager where she oversees all craft committees and has been instrumental in creating the Guild’s Coordinator and mentorship initiatives. You can find her @SamiPosner on the interwebz where she is the lead singer in the ongoing performance that is her life.

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