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Sharon Tapper

Sharon Tapper

Executive Director, Music Managers Forum-US

Sharon Tapper is the Executive Director of the Music Managers Forum-US, the leading trade association for artist managers and self-managed artists in the United States, serving the music community by providing educational resources, networking opportunities and advocacy efforts on behalf of managers, self-managed artists and the music community at large that supports them. The MMF-US is part of a larger global network, the International Music Managers Forum (IMMF), an organization that connects more that 65 Music Manager Forums around the world (including Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand).

Prior to joining the MMF-US Tapper worked in London as the Assistant Manager at Sarm West Studios, before relocating to the US where in Los Angeles she worked at both Left Bank Management and Gallin Morey Management. Shortly after moving to New York she transitioned into music publishing, becoming the third US employee at Kobalt Music Publishing and its VP Creative for eight years. Following that she served as SVP Music Publishing at Razor & Tie Music Publishing. Tapper was elected to multiple terms totaling fourteen years as Governor & Secretary of the NY Chapter of the GRAMMYs, serving six consecutive terms as Co-Chair of its Advocacy Committee, on which she continues to diligently serve. She also served four years on the NY Chapter of the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP). For ten years she Co-Funded and ran the New York City Creative Community (NYC3).

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CLE 2023: Ethical Considerations For Lawyers Navigating Sticky Situations

Friday, October 13, 2023

Seasoned practitioners and ethics experts discuss the real life thorny ethical issues entertainment attorneys often grapple with while representing A-list talent. The discussion will include such topics as an attorney's legal and moral obligation to assist troubled clients having mental or drug related issues and what obligation an attorney may have to help clients save and protect their assets through estate planning and other mechanisms.

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