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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips

CEO, Splash

Stephen Phillips is the CEO of Splash. Stephen has decades of startup and software development experience. He was the leader of the popular music web site that attracted millions of fans worldwide before being sold to Twitter in 2012. Stephen worked at Twitter in San Francisco before returning to Australia to start Splash.

Splash is the hottest startup at the intersection of AI, gaming and music. Their mission is to nurture the next generation of music superstars. Splash has invented a new way to create music, using an AI-powered video game. It is easy, fun and super sticky. Over 7M teens have used Splash to make music for the first time. Over 150K have performed live on stage more than 100 times. Their elite players spend more than five hours every day in-game and have performed over 10K times. Splash makes money helping musicians create, share and sell the music they make.

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