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Steve Dewey

Steve Dewey

Senior Audio Engineer - Global Media Production, Sony Music Entertainment 

Steve Dewey is Senior Audio Engineer for Sony Music Entertainment’s Global Media Production team. He loves making records and has over a decade of experience in professional audio. He got his start sweeping the floors at tracking and mix facilities in Brooklyn and Manhattan, working his way up to assistant and house engineering — then pivoting to mastering work at Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN. 
Steve joined Sony Music in 2016 and was promoted to Senior Engineer after only 5 years. He has been instrumental in developing Sony Music’s ability to release in all immersive formats, keeping up with changing delivery specs and developing production workflows for 360RA, Dolby Atmos, and Apple Spatial. Today, his work includes immersive mixing, stereo mastering, technical coordination for immersive and stereo release, and general "Swiss army knife" engineering work, all for Sony’s affiliate labels (Columbia, RCA, Epic, etc). Outside of engineering, Steve loves to go to shows (most recent: Beyoncé Renaissance Tour in Miami!), chop up samples on his MPC1000, and cook big meals for his family & friends.
Recent Credits: Christina Aguilera, Nicky Jam, Pedro Capo, Beach Weather, JP Saxe, Rod Wave and London Grammar.

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