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Tina Wroblewski

Tina Wroblewski

Outreach Manager

Colombian-born, Toronto-based cultural promoter Tina Wroblewski is the Regional and International Outreach Manager at Small World Music, responsible for connecting international partners and outbound work around the Global Toronto conference and with SWM’s international projects. She has worked as tour/booking manager with Bogota-based record label Tambora Records, and with culture-project managers LOA Productora. She founded “Proyecto Prizmacolor,” a Medellin project working to transform educational spaces through the promotion of art and culture. In 2020, she was one of the coordinators of “Colombia, País de la Música” (#ColombiaCountryOfMusic), the national music-promotion strategy, with Procolombia; has served as consultant for a range of conferences around the world; and leads The Eagle Meets the Condor, a pan-Americas project with the International Indigenous Music Summit and partners across North and South America.

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