GMS 2020: AI and Data for Music & Media: A Brave New World

Williamsburg Room

Thursday, October 15, 2020, 6:00:00 PM UTC

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Patricia Joseph & J Bonilla

We drill down into the impact of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence and data collection/analytics on the world of Music Supervision. How does emerging tech influence the creation, selection and use of music in media? We’ll highlight some of our favorite bleeding edge tech.

Drew Silverstein

Co-Founder & CEO, Amper Music, Inc.

J Bonilla

Creative Partner/Founder, The Elements Music

Patricia Joseph,

Synchsonic/Bitmastr & Committee Member, GMS East

Paul Greco

Executive Director of Music & Audio Production, Wunderman Thompson North America

Scott Simonelli

CEO & Co-Founder, Veritonic