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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Chris Lawes

Chris Lawes

CEO & Founding Partner at Omnispace360

Chris Lawes is CEO and Founding Partner at Omnispace360. His background includes a string of technology businesses in addition to directing and producing documentary television and cinema before starting Omnispace360 for the purpose of perfecting the ultimate audio and visual environments for intense, rich, memorable storytelling. Chris instils a passion for both technology and creative artistry to everything Omnispace does, merging two mutually reliant worlds in a harmonious way to create the best possible experience for audiences.

The Future of Cannabis Festivals and Events Presented by High NY

10/15/21, 6:00 PM

With Cannabis legalization sweeping across the East Coast, and COVID-19 concerns still in the air, how can festival and event organizers integrate Cannabis into cutting edge and authentic cultural programming? We intend to discuss the future of Cannabis events and festivals including: considerations for Cannabis activations in a post-COVID world; how mainstream music, food, tech and entertainment events can integrate Cannabis; creating sophisticated and accessible Cannabis experiences for various demographics; how to honor and maintain Cannabis (counter) culture while also bringing it to the mainstream; and what kind of unique new hybrid Cannabis experiences we might see in the next few years.

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