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Dan Whateley

Dan Whateley

Media Reporter, Business Insider

Dan is a media reporter at Business Insider covering TikTok, YouTube and the creator economy. He's written about how artists are using TikTok to drive sales on Etsy; how fintech companies have become early adopters of TikTok's ad products; what it means to be a cannabis influencer; why Peloton integrated social media into its growth strategy; and how TikTok has transformed the music industry.

He's also written extensively about how social media use has shifted during the coronavirus pandemic with a focus on what it means for the creator industry.

The Future of Financial Rights: Alternative Funding in the Creator Economy

10/14/21, 3:00 PM

The “Creator Economy” has fast become one of the buzziest sectors for both the industry press and investors in the VC world. Individual artists have more avenues than ever to connect with their fans, creating numerous new revenue streams in turn. Whether via subscription platforms, NFTs/tokenization or tapping into new working capital options, the music industry has seen revolutionary change in the way artists do business through the COVID-era. These industry leaders will unpack why the “Creator Economy” matters and what specific pitfalls and opportunities exist in music specifically.

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