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Daniel Vecchi

Daniel Vecchi

General Manager of Business Development & Partnerships, Americas, Eluvio

Dan Vecchi is the General Manager of Business Development and Partnerships at Eluvio, the content blockchain for the creator economy, based in Berkeley, CA. Eluvio ( is an eco-friendly blockchain platform that enables content creators and their communities to store, stream, ticket, mint NFTs, and trade digital content. It provides a simple-to-use, high-performance, and cost-effective platform to monetize concerts, films, digital albums, e-books, digital collectables, metaverse experiences, and more. Companies and creators whose content blockchain initiatives have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment’s Blockchain Creative Labs, MGM Studios, SONY Pictures, Black Eyed Peas, Dolly Parton, Rita Ora, and many others.

With more than 15 years of experience, Dan has a track record of success collaborating with leadership, cross-functional teams, and commercial partners in aligning an organization’s vision to a broad set of goals and objectives. He has extensive global experience working across multiple industries. At Eluvio, he was a key member of the commercial launch team for Eluvio LIVE and the company’s broader entry into serving the music industry. Prior to Eluvio, Dan was Vice President of Channel Operations, Americas at Totara Learning. Earlier in his career, he held Director roles at Edmodo and Rosetta Stone, and was an analyst at Competitive Futures.

Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and English from Earlham College, and a master's in International Relations and Economics from The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). He also holds an Advanced Program Management Certification from Stanford University and previously served in The Peace Corps in Paraguay. He is bilingual in English/Spanish, and functionally proficient in Italian, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, and Guarani. Dan enjoys volunteering in his local community, and he is actively involved in the music community—having both fronted and toured with dozens of rock bands.

Web3 Content-First Experiences for Music: A Fireside Chat with Eluvio

10/13/22, 9:00 PM

It was a groundbreaking year for artists’ early adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs. The market is transitioning from Web2 to a Web3 content-first experience, enabling new kinds of interactivity; gamification; re-monetization of back catalog content; on-the-fly creation of new NFTs from live streaming events; and more.

In this session, Dan Vecchi of Eluvio will discuss label and artist utilization of NFTs and blockchain technology moving forward. He will discuss how Web3 content-first experiences can enable new monetization/distribution opportunities, fan engagement, digital merchandising, and content ownership. Among the examples, Dan will recap Eluvio’s experience powering Dolly Parton’s groundbreaking “Dollyverse” at SXSW, which introduced mainstream audiences to an easy-to-use, audience-centric Web3 experience. He’ll offer a deeper understanding of the technical principles important to Web3 enthusiasts, and future lessons for artists, music labels, content publishers, and filmmakers looking to adopt Web3, NFTs and blockchain technology.

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