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Dylan Bostick

Dylan Bostick

Executive Creative Producer, HEAVY DUTY PROJECTS

Dylan Bostick is the Executive Creative Producer & Music Supervisor at Heavy Duty Projects, a global original music and music supervision company based in Los Angeles.

He’s been the music creative lead on advertising projects for brands including Apple, Johnnie Walker, Expedia, Gatorade and many more. He's produced major artist collaborations for global branded projects and Super Bowl ads, including artists such as Sia, Pusha T and John Legend. He music supervised the video game Saints Row V, winning a Guild of Music Supervisors Award in 2023. He produced original songs for film and television projects such as Atlanta and Beef, with contributions to the Billboard #1 Soundtrack for the Muppets Mayhem.

GMS 2023: Music Licensing for Video Games: Lucrative, Effective and Impactful

10/12/23, 2:00 PM

Music has always been an integral part of video games but there are many games with a strong focus on music as part of the game play. We'll discuss the different types of uses and licensing models for video games as well as long-term marketing and playlisting strategies that can become important byproducts of the use of music in a video game, enhancing the popularity of a song. Video games are played over and over again, and in-game songs become embedded in the daily soundtrack of gamer's lives. Join us for a candid discussion about all aspects of music licensing for video games with leaders from some of today's most important gaming companies.

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