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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Ljuba Castot

Ljuba Castot

Manager, Krtv Kulture, NYC

Ljuba Castot is a creative turned artist manager hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark and moving to New York to pursue dance studies at Merce Cunningham Dance Company Studios.

As a creative human she cut her teeth in the NYC nightlife, art and music scene as a performer, creator and curator.

Her unique background offers perspectives from multiple life environments, connecting unlikely dots, exchanging with communities across genres, artistic groupings and identities.

Ljuba was among 12 choreographers covered by Billboard for their iconic choreography in music videos. She earned a personal MTV VMA nomination for "Best Choreography" and a JUNO award for “Video Of The Year” for her work on “Hideaway” (Island/UMG). Constantly creating, evolving and collaborating with her community, she approaches each project with a high level of intuitive skill and her wide range of experience makes her management process multifaceted and dynamic.

Ljuba is the founder of Brooklyn based company Krtv Kulture with clients including Kiesza, Andreas Moss, Wyn Starks and Chew FU.

Modern Management Models Presented by Music Managers Forum - US

10/13/20, 3:00 PM

Artist management, and the role management plays in an artist's business and career, has been evolving with the industry. Changes in monetization and promotional structures are altering the demands of day-to-day and long-term strategy, and a manager's role as a type of CEO of an artist's company has shifted.

This panel will analyze the structure and function of management teams and discuss changing methods, innovations, and strategic activity. We'll explore the ways managers are working across marketing, distribution, live streaming and other verticals, as well as garnering and deploying investment, to address today's environment.

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