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Martin Clancy, PhD

Martin Clancy, PhD

Founder & CEO, AI:OK

Dr. Martin Clancy, PhD is a multitalented musician, author, artist manager and AI expert. He is a founding member of Irish rock band In Tua Nua and a Certified Ableton 11 Live Trainer. He chairs the IEEE Global AI Ethics Arts Committee, serves as an IRC Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, and authored the book "Artificial Intelligence and Music Ecosystem." He manages Irish singer Jack Lukeman and is a leading voice in advocating ethical use of AI in music. Clancy's music career started with a co-write of "Take My Hand" with Sinead O'Connor and includes two Top 40 hits on the Billboard Dance Charts. He performs with the melodic-techno group Valleraphon and electronic jazz ensemble Embassy Gutters. He is an in-demand speaker, having addressed the United Nations, European Union, University of Oxford, Queen Mary University of London, and more. He has also been featured in various publications and radio shows, most recently appearing on TMZ Live, CNN, The New York Times, WIRED, CNET, Billboard, CBC News, The Ringer, BBC Radio, CGTN America, Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast, The Smartest People in the Room, and the Your Morning Coffee Podcast.

AI: Opportunity or Apocalypse?

10/10/23, 5:00 PM

Albhy Galuten (, Martin Clancy (, and others will discuss the opportunities and the challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence in the music ecosystem. Is it just another invention like the synthesizer or electric guitar or is it the end of life (and income) as we know it for musicians and writers?

Some areas to be covered include:

• AI generated voices including copying famous voices, living or dead
• Who gets paid? Compensation to musicians and writers for training from their songs
• Automated Stem Separation (automated Karaoke/music minus 1)
• Limiting Training Sets, can you learn from my song without my permission?
• AI Songwriting tools
• Finding Songs for Sync licenses from impossibly large catalogs
• AI Production, Mixing, and Mastering tools
• Adding transparency around who created and performed the song
• Who owns the copyright?
• Is AI creative?

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