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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Neeta Ragoowansi

Neeta Ragoowansi

Executive Director, Folk Alliance International (FAI) & President, MMF-US

Neeta is Executive Director of Folk Alliance International (FAI) and also serves as President of Music Managers Forum – US (MMF-US), a Global Co-Chair for Women in Music, Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force for the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment & Sports Industries, and Co-Founder of NPREX (National Performing Rights Exchange). She has been an attorney and music business professional for over 30 years, serving as a strategic advisor, business development resource, and legal counsel to entertainment, nonprofit, and tech industry clients. Prior to her position as ED of FAI, Neeta was Senior Counsel, Legal & Business Affairs for Global Citizen, founding head of artist-label relations and legal counsel for SoundExchange, VP of Biz Dev/Legal for Tunesat, Asst. General Counsel for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the National Symphony Orchestra Association, and a former board governor for 10+ years for The Recording Academy (New York & Washington DC). Neeta also currently serves on the advisory boards of IMMF (International Music Managers Forum), Gritty in Pink, and All About Music Conference (India). Neeta has served as speaker at over 400 music industry conferences re: the global music business, legal/copyright/licensing topics, as well as diversity, equity, inclusion & accessibility, elimination of bias, and women’s leadership and empowerment.

MMF-US & WIM Presents: An Artist Management Masterclass

10/12/23, 5:00 PM

One of the most hands-on jobs within the music industry is that of the artist manager. While no two stories or pathways will ever be the same in this sector of the business - there are shared strategies that enable artist development and growth. Join established entrepreneurial artist managers sharing their extensive knowledge, expertise and advice on all aspects of the business. What are the key roles and responsibilities of an artist manager? What does it take to discover and develop great talent? We'll discuss how to nurture the manager-artist relationship, navigating different ways to market an artist, along with how to grow and sustain long-term artist careers.

CLE: The Changing Landscape of Festivals

10/14/22, 7:00 PM

Over the last few years, music festivals have faced a pandemic, major safety matters and more. As a result, music festivals had to quickly pivot to incorporate streaming formats, create new revenue generators, and scrutinize risk and safety measures. This panel will take a look at the changing landscape of music festivals, issues to consider when representing festivals, and recent developments that are here to stay. (Mondo attendees are welcome to attend all CLE panels.)

Artist Management Entrepreneurship Presented by MMF-US x WIM

10/11/22, 7:00 PM

Music Managers Forum-US and Women In Music present Artist Management Entrepreneurship. Join established entrepreneurial artist managers sharing their extensive knowledge and experience from a variety of genres, races, ethnicities, backgrounds and identities. They will discuss all aspects of the business, from starting a business, structuring deals, building a team, nurturing the manager-artist relationship, artist growth and development strategies, delve into their most effective marketing tactics (including traditional, live and digital), mission-based initiatives and advocacy, how to grow and sustain long-term careers, and visions for the future of artist management.

Modern Management Models Presented by Music Managers Forum - US

10/13/20, 3:00 PM

Artist management, and the role management plays in an artist's business and career, has been evolving with the industry. Changes in monetization and promotional structures are altering the demands of day-to-day and long-term strategy, and a manager's role as a type of CEO of an artist's company has shifted.

This panel will analyze the structure and function of management teams and discuss changing methods, innovations, and strategic activity. We'll explore the ways managers are working across marketing, distribution, live streaming and other verticals, as well as garnering and deploying investment, to address today's environment.

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