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Bryan Cosgrove

Bryan Cosgrove

Director of Commercial Music & Creative Licensing, TikTok, Bytedance

Bryan Cosgrove is the Director of Commercial Music & Creative Licensing across the ByteDance suite of apps and services. Having started his career in live event and film production, Bryan moved into music supervision and licensing in roles with Search Party Music and The Orchard. He then shifted into the ad industry, kicking off a run working with iconic shops like Droga5, 72andSunny and Anomaly on campaigns for some of the most prolific advertisers of our day. Within ByteDance, Bryan leads a team focused on reducing friction and creating access for brands and businesses to interact and engage with the music industry.

GMS 2021: Thinking Music First on TikTok

10/14/21, 9:00 PM

TikTok has seen tremendous user growth and engagement over the last year. A sound-on platform, TikTok is reestablishing the important role of music in short form content. Through the lens of the recently launched JIF campaign featuring Ludacris, we explore some of the creative ways brands are activating on platform by thinking music first.

GMS 2020: TikTok Creatives Sound Off on Why They Are the "Sound On" Channel for Brands

10/15/20, 4:00 PM

Members of TikTok's Music Licensing Team & Creative Lab discuss the platform's increasing importance to the advertising market, offering insight into how they leverage their unique positioning and music solutions with marketers. From education through ideation and execution, they'll answer the question, "Why make ads, when you can make TikToks?" Moderator Jonathan Hecht welcomes panelists Bryan Cosgrove, LA; Todd Triplett, NYC; and John Nussbaum, Chicago.

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