Mondo.NYC 2020 Panels

Successfully Executing Virtual Performances: The Right Gear meets The Right Strategy, Presented by Roland

Off the Beaten Track: Before & After COVID in Central Eastern Europe

Listening's New Frontier: How Advances in Audio Quality Inspire Creators and Reward Music Fans

Protest, Policy, Polls, BMAC & the 2020 Election

The Producers Panel

Game Changing Tech for Artists: Discover New Ways to Create, Monetize and Experience Music Presented by Audible Reality

NIVA Presents The Fight of the Indie Venue: An Accounting

Keynote Conversation: Harvey Mason Jr. and Aloe Blacc

Keynote Conversation: Binta Niambi Brown & Ty Stiklorius

GMS 2020: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Always An Imperative

GMS 2020: Music Supervision & The 2020 Election: Political Campaign Music & PSAs Getting Out the Vote

Video Games & Esports 101: Opportunities for the Music Industry

CLE: High Anxiety: The New Law and Practice of Musical Composition Copyright Litigation

CLE: Pivoting from Live to Virtual: Navigating the Legal Challenges

Workshop: How to Go on a Digital Diet the Right Way

Explainability and Transparency: Leading with Compassion in the Workplace

Strategies for Artists to Become Self-Guided Learners

Branding Opportunities: The New Paradigm

AIMP presents Pivoting the Music Publishing Business Post-COVID

Booking Live & Streaming Shows

A Conversation with John Loeffler, Rufus Wainwright & Jerry Wonda

For The Culture: Two Visionaries Discuss Music, Technology, Connection And Culture In A Pandemic World

GMS 2020: 30 Minute Advertising Deep Dive

Immersive Audio and its Potential in Art and Commerce

Weathering the Storm: How the Music Industry Is Coping With the Pandemic

Be Present Everywhere: International Marketing & Development Connections

Songwriters Coffee House Live Carousel

RIAA's Everything You Need to Know About Music Policy in About an Hour

Keynote Conversation with Jason Flom

GMS 2020: AI and Data for Music & Media: A Brave New World

Future of Music & Gaming: Spotlight on Emerging Companies

CLE: Riddles, Risks and the Road Back to Live: Legal Issues in Live Entertainment

CLE: The New Music Acquisitions Market

The Mindful Artist: A Conversation With Maurice Brown on Collaboration

The Mindful Artist: An Interview

On Mental Health and Wellness in Music: A Keynote Conversation with Kevin Lyman

Modern Management Models Presented by Music Managers Forum - US

NIVA Presents Independent Venues: Heritage & Heartbeat

AIMP & SONA Present Metadata Best Practices for Songwriters

Utilizing New Technologies To Engage Fans Better And Monetize More

Financial Clarity: Building an Artist-Centric Music Industry

"The Future of Streaming -- A Virtual Happy Hour” with RIAA CEO Mitch Glazier and DiMA CEO Garrett Levin, Co-Sponsored by RIAA and DiMA

Radio, Live Transmission

Hot MusicTech Startups

Save Live Music: A NITO call to action

Keynote Conversation: Michael Huppe & Robert Levine

Women in Music Presents Looking Ahead: The Reality of Radio vs. Streaming

GMS 2020: TikTok Creatives Sound Off on Why They Are the "Sound On" Channel for Brands

GMS 2020: A Music Spotting Session for Visual Media: Behind the Curtain

Anatomy of a Music/Gaming Integration: Case Studies

CLE: Exploring the Convergence of Music, Video Games and Esports: Novel Issues in an Emerging Virtual World

CLE: Fixing Digital Infrastructure: Do the DMCA “Safe Harbors” Need Repair?

Workshop: Are You Coachable?

Meditation Simplified. Tech Enhanced.

Being OK with Not Being OK: Redefining Success in Unstable Times

Music Production & Creation – How Technology Is Shaping The New Generation of Creators

The New (Virtual) Concert Ecosystem: Navigating Opportunities In Livestreaming & VR

Songwriters Bridging Troubled Waters: Staying Productive During Crazy Times